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About Flora

This is FLORA SCHOOLS, one of the best and rapidly growing school in Nigeria. The school is located in Ilorin, North Central Nigeria. Flora Schools is an indigenous Nigerian School and is owned by a specialist in the field of education, executes works by qualified and well trained teachers, is particularly aware of and committed to focus on children and youth development in accordance with international practice, meets international standards and is government approved.

Flora School’s reputation is based on: its capabilty to teach, equip the school, expose the students to useful quality and up to date information and develop tomorrow’s leader, Its ability and experience to mobilize and engage in any kind of project that can enhance the teaching and learning activities in the school in a record time supported by the commitment and strength of its personnel and its own large fleet of modern teaching equipment. Flora Schools has tremendously built a good reading culture into its students’ pupil’s minds.

Our Vision

Our vision is to equip the young mind with quality information to prepare them for a greater future. We are bent on bringing out the best in our students because we believe every one of them is the best.






Rules Regulations

Any report of stealing, involving any student in the school or out of the school will be seriously dealt with.
No Student is allowed to leave the school premises before the school’s official closing time.
Students must be neatly dressed with the school uniform at all time in the school premises.
Students must not bring any dangerous instrument to school.
Any report of rudeness or impoliteness in any form to any school authority will be viewed seriously.
If any student damages the school property he/she will pay for the repairs or replacement.
Parents are responsible for any treatment that is beyond giving a FIRST AID treatment.
Students are not allowed to receive visitors in school. However in case of emergency, visitors should see the proprietress and principal.
The official language of the school is English.
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